Jonas Billstein

Jonas Billstein won a tittle fight against former UFC fighter Amilcar Alves on MMA Live 7. What a breathtaking fight of the evening

What is MMA live?

MMA LIVE is a young and dynamic company that is interested in making MMA a popular sport in Germany. We organize a series of martial arts events in Dresden and the surrounding area, offering high quality fights with large amount of entertainment.

How to get to the events?

Secure your tickets directly via the built-in shop! Hurry, because the MMA tickets sell out quickly!

What expects me?

No matter if you are a die-hard martial arts fan or an absolute newcomer. There’s something for everyone at MMA Live! MMA LIVE championship belt, Grand Prix, title defenses of the reigning MMA LIVE champions and amateur competitions. All that awaits you with us, be there next time!